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Securing Containers at the Speed of DevOps

Price: $80.00

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Course Summary

Containers allow for the creation of fast, repeatable, and secure deployment cycles for applications, making them an excellent fit for DevOps. This Express Learning course offers learners an overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services. Learn to describe containers and its main characteristics, then it delves into the most prominent security threats and countermeasures, and finally describing how to use automation and orchestration to do deploy containers in an automated and secure manner.

This course includes the following modules: 1) Introduction to Container Security 2) Issues and Mitigation in Containerization 3) Automation and Orchestration

Audience or Who Should Take This Course

Software developers, System operators/administrators, Network administrators, and IT security professionals

Experience Required

Familiarity with cybersecurity concepts

How This Course Works

Express Learning courses created by industry experts are designed to quickly address a hot topic or trend in cybersecurity. This course serves as a playbook and discusses the traditional red and blue teams including the people, skills, tools, and technology in each team as well as how to combine these components into a purple team. You will be asked to read through lessons, participate in learning activities, and partake in knowledge checks designed to reinforce learning.

All learning modules must be completed, including the course evaluation and a score of 70% or above earned on the final assessment, to receive your certificate of completion and earn 2 Group A CPE Credits towards your (ISC)² credentials.

CPE Reporting

Please make sure at the end of the course that you download and retain the certificate of completion as proof of credits earned. CPE credits earned for this course may be eligible for continuing professional education credits for non-(ISC)² certifications. Please visit the continuing education requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.

Price: $80.00