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Classroom-Based Training

Official (ISC)² CBK Training Seminars for the CISSP

The (ISC)² Official CBK Training Seminar for the CISSP is the key to success in obtaining your certification.

CISSP Course Overview

Led by an (ISC)² authorized instructor, this training seminar provides a comprehensive review of information security concepts and industry best practices, covering the  8 domains  of the CISSP CBK:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Communications and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

Several types of activities are used throughout the course to reinforce topics and increase knowledge retention. These activities include open-ended questions from the instructor to the students, matching and poll questions, group activities, open/closed questions, group discussions, and case studies. This interactive learning technique is based on sound adult learning theories.

This training course will help candidates review and refresh their information security knowledge and help identify areas they need to study for the CISSP exam and features:

  • Official (ISC)² courseware
  • Taught by an authorized (ISC)² instructor
  • Student Guide in electronic format
  • Interactive Online Flash Cards
  • Post-course CISSP Assessment with 125 questions
  • Collaboration with classmates
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios


The Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK Training Seminar has earned ACE CREDIT. Students who complete the course can apply for 2 undergraduate credits at participating universities and colleges. (ISC)²’s CISSP training seminar is the only CISSP training available that provides college credits. For more information click here.

Who should attend?

This training course is intended for professionals who have at least 5 years of recent full-time professional work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains of the CISSP CBK and are pursuing CISSP training and certification to acquire the credibility and mobility to advance within their current information security careers. The training seminar is ideal for those working in positions such as, but not limited to:

  • Security Consultant
  • Security Manager
  • IT Director/Manager
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Systems Engineer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Director of Security
  • Network Architect


Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply fundamental concepts and methods related to the fields of information technology and security.
  • Align overall organizational operational goals with security functions and implementations.
  • Understand how to protect assets of the organization as they go through their lifecycle.
  • Understand the concepts, principles, structures, and standards used to design, implement, monitor, and secure operating systems, equipment, networks, applications, and those controls used to enforce various levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Implement system security through the application of security design principles and the application of appropriate security control mitigations for vulnerabilities present in common information system types and architectures.
  • Understand the importance of cryptography and the security services it can provide in today’s digital and information age.
  • Understand the impact of physical security elements on information system security and apply secure design principles to evaluate or recommend appropriate physical security protections.
  • Understand the elements that comprise communication and network security coupled with a thorough description of how the communication and network systems function.
  • List the concepts and architecture that define the associated technology and implementation systems and protocols at Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model layers 1–7.
  • Identify standard terms for applying physical and logical access controls to environments related to their security practice.
  • Appraise various access control models to meet business security requirements.
  • Name primary methods for designing and validating test and audit strategies that support business requirements.
  • Enhance and optimize an organization’s operational function and capacity by applying and utilizing appropriate security controls and countermeasures.
  • Recognize risks to an organization’s operational endeavors, and assess specific threats, vulnerabilities, and controls.
  • Understand the System Lifecycle (SLC) and the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and how to apply security to it, and identify which security control(s) are appropriate for the development environment, and assess the effectiveness of software security.

Training Providers

To ensure you receive Official or Approved (ISC)² Training, look for the mark of an (ISC)² Official or Approved Training Provider.

Select Certification Dates/Schedule Region
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based Training NAR Tampa 27-Jul - 31-Jul Mon-Fri 0800-1700 EST
Day 1 Jul 27
Day 2 Jul 28
Day 3 Jul 29
Day 4 Jul 30
Day 5 Jul 31
Tampa - TBA, FL, United States
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based NAR Denver 10-Aug - 14-Aug Mon-Fri 0800-1700 MT
Day 1 Aug 10
Day 2 Aug 11
Day 3 Aug 12
Day 4 Aug 13
Day 5 Aug 14
Denver - TBA, CO, United States
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based NAR Phoenix 5-Oct - 9-Oct Mon-Fri 0800-1700 MST
Day 1 Oct 5
Day 2 Oct 6
Day 3 Oct 7
Day 4 Oct 8
Day 5 Oct 9
Phoenix - TBA, NY, United States
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based Training NAR Alexandria 12-Oct - 16-Oct Mon-Fri 0800-1700 EST
Day 1 Oct 12
Day 2 Oct 13
Day 3 Oct 14
Day 4 Oct 15
Day 5 Oct 16
Alexandria- TBA, VA, United States
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based NAR New York 9-Nov - 13-Nov Mon-Fri 0800-1700 EST
Day 1 Nov 9
Day 2 Nov 10
Day 3 Nov 11
Day 4 Nov 12
Day 5 Nov 13
New York - TBA, NY, United States
CISSP CBK Classroom-Based NAR Orlando 7-Dec - 11-Dec Mon-Fri 0800-1700 EST
Day 1 Dec 7
Day 2 Dec 8
Day 3 Dec 9
Day 4 Dec 10
Day 5 Dec 11
Orlando - TBA, FL, United States