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Preventing and Mitigating API Data Breaches

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This article explores the causes and consequences of data breaches that stem from vulnerabilities in Application Programming Interfaces.

Course Summary

More organizations are adopting APIs and connecting to other systems. These include healthcare, financial services, and other industries that handle sensitive personal information. APIs have consequently become a common target for attackers, as they provide an easy entry point into an organization's systems. Additionally, many organizations are not properly securing their APIs, which leaves them open to exploitation.  This article explores the circumstances behind several widely publicized API breaches and the most common threats and vulnerabilities that can expose APIs to attack. It also explores steps organizations can take to protect APIs.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Identifying API risk factors and protecting against them
  • • Awareness of rogue APIs (also known as shadow APIs) that have been created and deployed without proper oversight
  • • Guidelines for responding to security breaches involving APIs

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Price: $19.00