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An Ethical Conundrum – The Rise of AI Chatbots

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This article explores several potential uses for AI chatbot tools in the workplace and discusses the potential dangers and benefits of such applications.

Course Summary

AI chatbots have been with us since the 1960s. Since then, chatbots have become more sophisticated as they strive to simulate human intellect and conversation. Individuals across the globe have already been using chatbot technology to answer questions, write papers, format resumes, and much more. Theoretically, AI could be used in the workplace to help with recruiting, automating jobs and tasks, writing and communicating policies, training new and existing employees, and responding to the needs of customers. However, if we want to leverage the benefits that this technology can provide, we also need to be aware of its many potential dangers. Chatbots and other AI services present great risk to information security, job productivity, and even our overall economic health across industries. As long as we provide the proper oversight to mitigate these consequences, we can enjoy all that AI chatbots have to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Potential benefits of using AI in the workplace
  • • Weaknesses and risks of existing technologies and how to safeguard against them

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Price: $19.00