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ICS OT Application-Level DoS Attack

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Course Description

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack can cripple your business operations or do even worse to your physical infrastructure. How will you find and stop such an attack? How will your personnel perform when the system is in a degraded state? This scenario-based lab presents just such an attack on the OT network—a DoS attack at the application layer, aimed at disrupting normal operations. The DoS attack takes place when a malicious entity generates a large number of connections to the server to block legitimate applications from connecting to the victim server. The advanced lab challenges you to find, neutralize and contain an attack aimed at bringing down the OT network. Can you find and mitigate the attack?

This course includes the following modules: 1) ICS OT Application-Level DoS Attack

Audience or Who Should Take This Course

Security practitioners, incident responders, and individuals with intermediate to advanced knowledge in networking, DoS mitigation and incident response.

Experience Required

An intermediate to advance knowledge and familiarity with using the Unix/Linux command line, a working understanding of networking and filtering concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.), and basic web application knowledge (HTTP, URL parameters, etc.) are strongly recommended.

How This Course Works

Lab content within this course takes place within a Linux virtual machine environment. This advanced lab simulates a typical OT network and requires the learner to exercise their discovery and mitigation skills to identify, analyze, and neutralize such an attack. Learners will use their skills as an incident responder to work through the lab and neutralize the attack.

Throughout this course learners will be asked to work through and complete the following activities:

  • Lab scenario that present an application-level Denial of Service (DoS) attack on an OT network.
  • Final Assessment
  • Course Evaluation

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Price: $80.00