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Forensic Data Acquisition

Price: $80.00

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Course Summary

Data forensics is used to recover and investigate digital evidence to be used in court for crimes including fraud, espionage, cyberstalking, data theft, or violent crimes. Digital forensics evidence is held to the same standards as physical evidence, which means that it must be authentic, admissible, and reliably obtained. It is critical that security professionals understand the technical, legal, and administrative challenges facing data forensics in order to protect the information gathered prior to it being turned over for analysis to ensure the evidence holds up in a court of law. This Express Learning course explains the digital forensics scientific process, data acquisition methods, and digital evidence handling and preservation principles.

Modules Included

This course includes the following two (2) modules: 1) Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Evidence 2) Data Acquisition and Preservation

Audience or Who Should Take This Course

Cybersecurity professionals with a beginning level of knowledge of digital forensic concepts.

Experience Required

Understanding of security concepts and principles is recommended.

How This Course Works

This course is a text-based, two-hour Express Learning PDI offering. Throughout this course, learners experience the following activities:

  • Text-based content
  • Interactive graphics
  • Outlined processes
  • Additional resources
  • Knowledge Checks, Summary checks, and Final Assessment

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Price: $80.00