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Zero Trust Risk Management and Response

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This course invites you to review risk management and incident response in a zero trust environment.

Course Summary

This course reviews risk management and incident response in a zero trust environment. Throughout your learning, you will consider the strategic benefits of implementing risk management processes, remediation actions and incident response plans with a zero trust mindset. Key Takeaways: 1) Consider the best adoption of zero trust policies for your organization. 2)Apply risk assessment processes within the context of zero trust. 3) Evaluate how incident response plans are tailored to a zero trust environment

CPE Reporting

CPE credits earned for this course may be eligible for continuing professional education credits for non-ISC2 certifications. Please visit the continuing education requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.

Members: Starting January 1st, 2022, CPE Credits for ISC2 credentials will be reported by Member Services on the 1st of every month. Please allow 10 business days for processing. Courses completed prior to 1/1/2022 will need to be self-reported by members and associates through the ISC2 CPE Portal accessible via using your member login credentials.

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Price: $23.00