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Official (ISC)² CSSLP® Flash Cards

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This course is a study tool for the CSSLP® - Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional. This learning tool tests your skill on the most common industry terms represented within the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) of the CSSLP.

Using electronic flashcards as a learning tool provides:


  • A unique interactive way that tests your knowledge of industry terms; and the cards can be accessed via your smart phone. (See below for instructions.)
  • Immediate feedback about whether or not your answer is correct.
  • The ability to flag individual cards to study separately.
  • Cards segmented by CSSLP Domain making learning easier.


Additional Study Modes that are available with this learning tool include:


  • Learn – Type in the answer for the term displayed.
  • Speller – Type in the answer for the term you hear.
  • Test – Select how the questions will be presented and then answer them appropriately, e.g.
    • Written
    • Matching
    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
  • Scatter (Game) – Drag and drop corresponding items onto each other to make them disappear.
  • SpaceRace (Game) - Destroy the scrolling words by typing in their corresponding term and pressing enter.


To access this study material via your smart phone, download the free Quizlet app for iOS and Android. Then search for “Official (ISC)2 CSSLP”. The material is available in 8 sets – one for each CSSLP domain.

Price: $0.00