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Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) eTextbook

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Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) eTextbook

The Official ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) eTextbook is your go-to learning resource as you prepare for the CC exam. It provides a comprehensive review of the topics covered in the Official ISC2 Training Course and will help you navigate key cybersecurity concepts as you build confidence for exam day.

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Who Should Purchase:

IT professionals, career-changers, college students, recent graduates and executives seeking foundational knowledge in cybersecurity. ISC2 is offering free Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Online Self-Paced Training and an exam to 1 million people as part of our pledge to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap and diversify those working in the field. To meet every learner’s needs, we’re also offering two CC Training Bundles with special extras. Learn more.

What to Expect:

A comprehensive review of the Official ISC2 Training Course content related to the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity exam. Learning supports include:

  • Chapter overviews, objectives and summaries
  • Informative graphics
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Chapter quizzes and answer keys
  • CPE Credits


    Access Period:

    365 days from inital access

    This eTextbook covers the following:

    Chapter 1: Security Principles

    • • 1: Understand the Security Concepts of Information Assurance
    • • 2: Understand the Risk Management Process
    • • 3: Understand Security Controls
    • • 4: Understand Governance Elements and Processes
    • • 5: Understand ISC2 Code of Ethics

    Chapter 2: Incident Response, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Concepts

    • • 1: Understand Incident Response
    • • 2: Understand Business Continuity
    • • 3: Understand Disaster Recovery

    Chapter 3: Access Controls Concepts

    • • 1: Understand Access Control Concepts
    • • 2: Understand Physical Access Controls
    • • 3: Understand Logical Access Controls

    Chapter 4: Network Security

    • • 1: Understand Computer Networking
    • • 2: Understand Network (Cyber) Threats and Attacks
    • • 3: Understand Network Security Infrastructure

    Chapter 5: Security Operations

    • • 1: Understand Data Security
    • • 2: Understand System Hardening
    • • 3: Understand Best Practice Security Policies
    • • 4: Understand Security Awareness Training

    Technology Requirements:

    The CC eTextbook uses VitalSource eReader, which will allow you to view materials on multiple devices and platforms, online and offline.

    The following may be among system requirements to access your eTextbook.

    • A stable and continuous internet connection.

    Hardware Specifications

    • • Processor 2 GHz +
    • • RAM 4 GB +
    • • Monitor minimum resolution (1024 x 768)
    • • Video Card
    • • Keyboard and Mouse or other assistive technology

    Supported Operating Systems

    • • Macintosh OS X 10.10 to present
    • • Windows 10 to present

    Supported Browsers

    • • Google Chrome
    • • Microsoft Edge
    • • Mozilla Firefox

    Application Software

    • VitalSource eReader


    Have Questions About Purchasing?

    For more information about purchasing Certified in Cybersecurity℠ training products or team training discounts, contact an Education Consultant in your region:

    ISC2 Americas Regional Office
    Phone: +1-866-331-ISC2 (4722) ext. 2
    ISC2 EMEA Regional Office
    Phone: +44 (0)203.960.7800
    ISC2 APAC Regional Office
    Phone: +852.5803.5662