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Continuing education

Stay relevant and on top of the latest trends. Leverage our online courses to gain interactive, engaging and timely learning experiences throughout your career. Each course is designed with input from leading industry experts and based on proven learning techniques to maximize your time and content retention.

The self-paced learning format delivers modular content combined with interactive activities involving videos, labs, case studies, quizzes, etc. Learn at your own pace on your own time and earn valuable Continuing Professionals Education (CPE) credits towards your ISC2; certifications. (Note: Credits may be eligible for continuing education credits for non-ISC2 certifications. Please review the requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.)

ISC2; Members and Associates have free unlimited access to courses that are denoted as ‘Free for Members’ by logging in above and clicking the ‘My Courses’ menu item.

For individual course purchases learners will have access to the course content for 180 days from the time of purchase. Please note, we do not offer time extensions for you to complete this training course.

For All Access and Express Learning Bundle purchases learners will have access to the course content for 365 day from the time of purchase. Please see course description for pricing and CPEs.

Learn the importance of mapping your supply chain and tracking inventory. Find out how to integrate these efforts into your risk management processes so you have a means to control risk at your organization — even when it’s out of your scope. (0.50 CPE)
Find out what open source intelligence (OSINT) means, where to get started when using it and examples of what it looks like from a malicious actor's point of view. You'll be able to determine if OSINT being used against you, as well as where you might want to use it yourself. (0.50 CPE)
*Free for ISC2 Members/Associates can access this course for free by logging into your Member Portal for more information. In this learning experience, you’ll hear from an industry professional about popular GRC reports—what they mean, how they can help, how they might be misinterpreted, and what you can do to leverage them. By exploring the various GRC reports available, you will be able to better leverage these artifacts in the context of your organization.
Find out the differences between intrusion detection system (IDS) services in cloud-native environments and traditional data center IDS appliances. Gain the knowledge needed to harness the power of cloud-native approaches for scalable, cost-effective intrusion detection. (0.50 CPE)
With the growing complexity of supply chains, it’s more important than ever to keep yours safe and protected from cyberthreats. Information security governance, risk and compliance enables you to do just that. (0.50 CPE)
With the growing complexity of supply chains, it’s more important than ever to keep yours safe and protected from cyberthreats. Information security governance, risk and compliance enables you to do just that. (0.50 CPE)
Your cybersecurity strategy is your high-level plan for how your business will protect its assets and reduce cyber risk. What elements make up a cybersecurity strategy? Why is it important? Who are the key leaders and stakeholders? How is a strategy created and implemented? (0.50 CPE)
As a cybersecurity leader, you must determine how much to budget for cybersecurity, assess where to allocate those funds, and ensure you have enough skilled professionals in place to protect your organization’s digital assets and infrastructure. (0.50 CPE)
As more organizations adopt application programming interfaces (APIs), they’ve become a target for bad actors as an easy entry point into their systems. This course explores the circumstances behind several widely publicized API breaches and the most common threats and vulnerabilities that can expose APIs to attack. (0.50 CPE)
This course examines strategies used to mitigate risks associated with cyberthreats and protect sensitive data, systems and networks. Learn how to use existing security benchmarks and compliance standards to design a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. (0.50 CPE)
This course explores the importance of securing APIs used by your organization and the strategies for reducing risks and vulnerabilities associated with these interfaces. (0.50 CPE)
A strong ethics program helps organizations meet their bottom line, deliver better service, and encourage growth and sustainability. This course explores trending cybersecurity ethics considerations and what should be included in an effective code of ethics. (0.50 CPE)
What are the best ways to secure APIs to protect against threats and vulnerabilities? This course examines cybersecurity best practices, including the value of penetration testing, secure coding, monitoring for suspicious activity, and regular security testing and audits. (0.50 CPE)
Through self-paced and interactive learning activities, security professionals experience course content that gives them a foundation in the essentials of healthcare organizations and the unique information security challenges involved in keeping patient and organizational data secure. Through images, text, interactive graphics, and knowledge checks, security professionals acquire knowledge of what constitutes a healthcare organization and how healthcare information technologies and data management affect privacy and security.
*ISC2会員/準会員は無料です。上記でログインして「マイコース」にアクセスしてください。 DevSecOpsは、セキュリティとアジリティの間のギャップを埋めるものです。セキュリティをDevOpsサイクルに組み込み、そのプロセスにおいてセキュリティを不可欠な要素とします。セルフペース型のインタラクティブで没入型である本トレーニングでは、業界の専門家によるソートリーダーシップを活用しており、セキュリティの専門家にDevOpsを保護しながらDevSecOpsを実現するための詳細を提供します。 本コースを正常に修了すると、ISC2?資格取得に向けた5単位分のCPEを取得することができます。
Adquisición de datos forenses
*Gratis para los miembros/socios de ISC2 iniciando sesión arriba y haciendo clic en "Mis cursos". El análisis forense de datos se utiliza para recuperar e investigar evidencia digital que se utilizará en un tribunal en relación con delitos, que incluyen fraude, espionaje, acoso cibernético, robo de datos o delitos violentos. La evidencia forense digital está sujeta a las mismas normas que la evidencia física, lo que significa que debe ser auténtica, admisible y haberse obtenido de manera confiable. Es fundamental que los profesionales de la seguridad comprendan las dificultades técnicas, legales y administrativas que enfrenta el análisis forense de datos para proteger la información reunida antes de entregarla para su análisis y garantizar que la evidencia se sostenga en un tribunal. Este curso de aprendizaje rápido explica el proceso científico del análisis forense digital, los métodos de adquisición de datos, y los principios de manipulación y conservación de la evidencia digital.
Guía de inteligencia artificial para profesionales en seguridad
*Gratis para miembros / asociados de ISC2 iniciando sesión arriba y haciendo clic en "Mis cursos". La inteligencia artificial (IA) continúa prevaleciendo en la vida personal y laboral de los profesionales en seguridad, incluyendo muchas aplicaciones familiares y altamente visibles, así como otras que operan detrás de bambalinas y no son tan obvias. Este curso presenta los detalles de la ciencia de los datos en IA, sus marcos y lenguajes, y los desafíos que los profesionales en seguridad enfrentan cuando trabajan con equipos de desarrollo de IA.
*ISC2会員/準会員の方は、上記ログイン後、「My Courses(マイコース)」をクリックすることで無料でご利用いただけます。人工知能(AI)はセキュリティ専門家の個人的な生活や仕事の中で普及し続けており、身近で目に見えるアプリケーションもあれば、あまり目立たないアプリケーションもあります。 このエクスプレス学習コースでは、AIにおけるデータサイエンスの詳細、フレームワークや言語、セキュリティ専門家がAI開発チームと仕事をする際に直面する課題などを紹介します。このコースでは、AI上の開発で現在使用されている概念、フレームワーク、言語、および直面する可能性のあるセキュリティ上の問題について、入門的な知識を身につけることができます。
人工知能 (AI) の紹介
*ISC2 のメンバーおよびアソシエイトは、上からログインし、「My Courses」をクリックすれば無料でアクセスできます。人工知能 (AI) は、既に情報セキュリティに従事する人々によりプライベートや職場で幅広く使用されています。数多くの見慣れたアプリケーションだけでなく、私たちの見えない所やあまり知られていないような形でも活用されています。この分野の拡大に伴い、AI の検討されている、または実際の導入化に関するディスカッションに参加できるようになるには、この変化し続ける分野の関連用語やテクノロジーの理解を深めておくとよいでしょう。このエクスプレスラーニングコースでは、ディープラーニングや機械学習、AI ニューラルネットワーク、自然言語処理など、AI テクノロジーのスペクトラムに関連する用語について学ぶほか、こうしたテクノロジーの現時点での実用化についてもいくつかご紹介します。