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Official (ISC)² ISSMP Self-Paced Training

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Course Includes

- 180 Days of access to Official ISC2 ISSMP content in the learning management system
- 25 hours of content covering all 6 domains
- Interactive flashcards
- Domain Quizzes
- Pre and Post-assessment practice questions
- Flexibility to learn on your schedule

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What’s Covered in the ISSMP Self-Paced Course

The Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) is a CISSP who specializes in establishing, presenting, and governing information security programs and demonstrates management and leadership skills. CISSP-ISSMPs direct the alignment of security programs with the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies to meet enterprise financial and operational requirements in support of its desired risk position. Exam domains covered in this course include:

  • Domain 1: Leadership and Business Management
  • Domain 2: Systems Lifecycle Management
  • Domain 3: Risk Management
  • Domain 4: Threat Intelligence and Incident Management
  • Domain 5: Contingency Management
  • Domain 6: Law, Ethics and Security Compliance Management

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    1. Prioritize security requirements in support of business initiatives and obtain support from stakeholders.
    2. Create a security program that includes security awareness and training and a process for analyzing, managing, and enforcing security requirements for contracts and agreements.
    3. Apply metrics, budgeting, and security program management to achieve a successful security program.
    4. Adapt security of the system lifecycle into the organizational security architecture.
    5. Develop an effective risk management program that meets organizational requirements.
    6. Integrate supply chain security risks with organizational risk management.
    7. Create a successful threat intelligence program.
    8. Design a successful incident handling and investigation program.
    9. Formulate effective organizational continuity of operations and system-level contingency plans.
    10. Implement appropriate controls to safeguard sensitive information and systems.


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    CPE Credits

    25 CPE Credits



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    Price: $2,669.75