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Assessing Application Security

Price: $400.00

*(ISC)² Members/Associates can access this course for free by logging in above and clicking the 'My Courses' menu item.

Course Summary

*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". In today’s app-enabled world it is more important than ever for security practitioners to work with their organization to ensure digital assets are adequately protected against attacks. In most cases, internet-facing applications are the primary targets for attackers. This hands-on practical lab will explore the foundations of how to assess an application's security.

Modules Included

This course includes the following five (5) lab exercises: (1) Lab 1: Requirements Generation (2) Lab 2: Attack Surface Analysis (3) Lab 3: Abuse Cases (4) Lab 4: Threat Modeling and (5) Lab 5: Vulnerability Analysis.

Audience or Who Should Take This Course

Experienced cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who better want to understand the vulnerabilities and the types of attacks that might be used to exploit applications that are bought, built or acquired.

Experience Required

Familiarity with security concepts.

How This Course Works

Each module takes you through an interactive exercise, includes an instructional video that introduces key concepts based on specific learning objectives, incorporates knowledge checks to ensure understanding and provides access to relevant resources. Throughout the course you will be guided to read relevant thought leadership that expands on the concepts and view videos introducing perspectives from the field. All learning components in each module must be completed before advancing to the next module.

At the end of the 5th module you will be asked to take a final assessment. Please note that you must score 70% or higher on the final assessment prior to receiving a certificate of completion and earning four (4) continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

CPE Reporting

Please make sure at the end of the course that you download and retain the certificate of completion as proof of credits earned. CPEs earned for this course may be eligible for continuing professional education credits for non-(ISC)² certifications. Please visit the continuing education requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.

Price: $400.00