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Professional Development

Stay relevant and on top of the latest trends. Leverage our online courses to gain interactive, engaging and timely learning experiences throughout your career. Each course is designed with input from leading industry experts and based on proven learning techniques to maximize your time and content retention.

The self-paced learning format delivers modular content combined with interactive activities involving videos, labs, case studies, quizzes, etc. Learn at your own pace on your own time and earn valuable Continuing Professionals Education (CPE) credits towards your (ISC)2 certifications.

Pricing, CPE's and access varies by course. Please see course description for details.

If you are purchasing this course outside of North America please contact your regional office directly for pricing and purchasing information.

For Europe/Middle East/Africa, contact the EMEA Office. Email: or call Phone: +44 (0) 203.960.7800

For Asia-Pacific, contact the APAC Office. Email: or call Phone: +852.2850.6951

* Members can access courses that are denoted as 'Free for Members' by logging in above and clicking the 'My Courses' menu item.

GDPR for Security Professionals: A Framework for Success
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Online self-paced course designed to help security professionals contribute to the strategy, direction and implementation of the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Leveraging the thought leadership from the (ISC)² EMEA GDPR Advisory Council and other industry experts as well as lessons learned from (ISC)²’s own GDPR implementation this interactive immersive training experience provides the tools, knowledge and resources needed to maintain organizational compliance with GDPR mandates.
DevSecOps: Integrating Security into DevOps
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". DevSecOps bridges the gap between security and agility, building security into the DevOps cycle and making it an integral part of the process. This self-paced interactive and immersive training experience leverages thought leadership from industry experts to provide security professionals with a deep dive into securing DevOps to achieve DevSecOps. Participants will receive 5 CPEs toward their (ISC)² credential upon successful completion of the course.
Building a Strong Culture of Security
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Security professionals are uniquely qualified to positively impact the security culture of an organization. However, a strong and talented security team alone cannot protect an organization from today's cyber risk as it is the people, not the technology, that are most common targets for those trying to attack our organization's systems. This course is designed to help security professionals develop and implement an effective security awareness program that goes beyond compliance and fosters a culture of security as everyone's responsibility.
Secure IoT Networks
(ISC)² has teamed up with Iotic Labs to offer a course in network security for the Internet of Things (IoT). In the course you will find out how to deploy IoT devices securely in your business, reduce the risk of network incursions, and how to identify, mitigate, and isolate threats. You will also learn about the security model of Iotic Space and how it can enable you to discover and interact with IoT devices from disparate manufacturers safely; even those which work in different ways. You have 120 days to access the content from any web-enabled device at any time and as often as you want.