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Stay relevant and on top of the latest trends. Leverage our online courses to gain interactive, engaging and timely learning experiences throughout your career. Each course is designed with input from leading industry experts and based on proven learning techniques to maximize your time and content retention.

The self-paced learning format delivers modular content combined with interactive activities involving videos, labs, case studies, quizzes, etc. Learn at your own pace on your own time and earn valuable Continuing Professionals Education (CPE) credits towards your (ISC)² certifications. (Note: Credits may be eligible for continuing education credits for non-(ISC)² certifications. Please review the requirements established by the credentialing organization for eligibility.)

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For individual course purchases learners will have access to the course content for 180 days from the time of purchase. Please note, we do not offer time extensions for you to complete this training course.

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All-Access Pass
1-Year unlimited access to Professional Development Institute catalog of 35 online self-paced courses offering 3 unique learning experiences from Immersive in-depth learning to hands on Labs and short format Express Learning courses. Topics include IoT, ICS, devsecops, privacy cyber insurance, mobile security, AI, penetration testing, malware, interpersonal skills, cloud, forensics, incident management and many more. Courses offer continuing professional development credits, are tailored for those learners with a basic to intermediate knowledge of security concepts, designed to go at your own pace and available 24/7. Time commitments range from 2 to 8 hours.
Introducción a la Inteligencia Artificial (AI)
*Gratis para miembros / asociados de (ISC)² iniciando sesión arriba y haciendo clic en "Mis cursos". La inteligencia artificial (AI) ya predomina en la vida laboral y personal de los profesionales en seguridad informática, tanto en aplicaciones familiares altamente visibles como en algunos modos más ocultos y no tan obvios. A medida que este campo continúa extendiéndose, es útil comprender los términos relacionados y las tecnologías de este campo que está en constante movimiento para poder participar en discusiones sobre su uso en implementaciones reales y potenciales. En este curso de aprendizaje exprés, los participantes aprenderán términos relacionados con el espectro de la tecnología de AI, como el aprendizaje profundo, el aprendizaje automático, las redes neuronales de AI y el procesamiento de lenguajes naturales. Además, se les mostrarán algunas de las aplicaciones prácticas actuales de estas tecnologías.
Express Bundle
1-Year unlimited access to Professional Development Institute (PDI) Express Learning courses. Includes access to 17 short format online self-paced courses for the on-the-go cybersecurity professional. Leveraging the expertise of industry experts these courses quickly address emerging industry topics and trends. Subjects include privacy, cyber insurance, presentation skills, AI, big data, purple teams, malware and more. Courses offer continuing professional education credits, are tailored for those learners with a basic to intermediate knowledge of security concepts, designed to go at your own pace and available 24/7. Time commitment is estimated at 1-2 hours – some are even doable during a lunch break.
Assessing Application Security
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". In today’s app-enabled world it is more important than ever for security practitioners to work with their organization to ensure their digital assets are adequately protected against attacks. In most cases, the internet-facing application is the primary target for attackers. Applications, when not properly hardened and secured, create the entryway for criminals to gain access to sensitive data or even allow for the complete compromise of the underlying system. Whether the application is bought, built or acquired it is important to consider its vulnerabilities and the types of attacks that might be used to exploit them. This course will explore the foundations of how to assess an application’s security. 
Mobile Security from Every Angle
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Mobile devices have become the central hub allowing anywhere, anytime access to information. Consequently, these devices have become targets for cyber criminals and a huge management issue for security practitioners. This course provides an introduction to mobile security, explores the unique challenges facing mobile security, and instruction on how to secure the mobile infrastructure of your organization.  
ICS OT Application-Level DoS Attack
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". A Denial of Service (DoS) attack can cripple your business operations or do even worse to your physical infrastructure. How will you find and stop such an attack? How will your personnel perform when the system is in a degraded state? This scenario-based lab presents just such an attack on the OT network—a DoS attack at the application layer, aimed at disrupting normal operations. The DoS attack takes place when a malicious entity generates a large number of connections to the server to block legitimate applications from connecting to the victim server. The advanced lab challenges you to find, neutralize and contain an attack aimed at bringing down the OT network. Can you find and mitigate the attack?
DoS Attacks and Defense
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are increasing in regularity and sophistication. These attacks can have massive negative impacts to an organization, and as this threat vector continues to grow it is important to understand how they work, and the tools and processes needed to keep your organization safe. DoS attacks can result in loss of revenue, brand damage, and a loss of customer trust. Security practitioners need to be able to build effective defense solutions. This hands-on lab is designed to help learners better understand how these attacks work, how they are deployed and the mechanisms they can implement to protect their organization.  
Conducting Practical Risk Analysis for Security Professionals
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Risks and security related issues represent an ongoing concern of any business. Assessing and analyzing risks and issues should be a continuous and comprehensive exercise in any organization. In this Immersive Course, learners gain practical experience working through risk assessment, analysis, mitigation, remediation, and communication. Throughout the course, security professionals acquire skills needed to holistically examine operational risk management, learn to work cross-functionally, determine how to use risk data effectively, and disseminate actionable information and findings. Within the immersive exercise experienced throughout the course, learners apply policies and procedures against organizational risk appetite, assess governance and compliance frameworks, and select the best means to communicate given an organizations risk culture and awareness.
Firewall Configuration with pfSense
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Firewalls provide an essential line of defense against network attacks and are an indispensable tool. pfSense, a widely used, free, and open-source firewall software, can be installed on any physical or virtual machine for use as a firewall on a network. In this lab, cybersecurity professionals or anyone new to firewalls learn how to harden, secure, configure, and operate a firewall using pfSense. Learners in this lab will create and apply firewall rules and discover how to leverage pfSense aliases to simplify a rule set. Finally, learners will view statistics and logs collected to monitor, report, and resolve security problems.    
Utilizing Big Data
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". This Express Learning course provides an overview of Big Data components, architectures and applications. Cybersecurity professionals will learn to apply the concept of data flows to gain insights on how to help defend their organizations by successfully managing and analyzing large amounts of data.
Security Analysis with SPARTA 
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". In this lab course, participants review and apply internal security assessments and white hat penetration testing by using SPARTA on an unfamiliar network. They gain experience performing scans on a local network to find live machines and locate open network ports and services, then find weaknesses in some of these services and explore ways to mitigate them.
When Ethics Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". In this Express Learning course, you will learn more about the history of AI and the related ethical principles and will apply select thought experiments to modern issues and technology, including AI. As a security professional, you’ll consider the role ethics plays in the development and uses of AI and examine the ways bias and fairness will help to shape the role of AI in future applications.
Exploring Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". As manufacturing becomes more automated, digitized and network-enabled the risks and attack surfaces increase. Industrial control systems (ICS) deployment and usage is expanding and cybersecurity professionals need to be more aware of the area and the implications for security. This Immersive Course explores the fundamental concepts around security concerns within industrial control systems (ICS) helping the learners understand how ICS supports critical infrastructure and the global need for ICS security, as it proliferates in various industries.
The Privacy Regulation Roadmap
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Navigating the various privacy legislations and ensuring compliance requires not only knowledge of the law, but how frameworks can be utilized to ensure privacy is at the forefront of security practices. In this course, participants examine global privacy legislation and learn the importance of identifying and complying with privacy laws and regulations that apply to their industry and customer base. Course content breaks down the practical application of privacy legislation to the cybersecurity professional and provides a systematic plan for incorporating privacy into cybersecurity practices.
Strengthening Interpersonal Skills
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Much research has been done on the need to balance softer professional skills with technical skills to be successful in the workplace. This holds true for cybersecurity professionals wishing to advance their careers and become better leaders and influencers within their organizations. This Immersive Course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of how emotional intelligence can increase productivity, identify methods for efficient decision making, review strategies for effective communication and understand the role non-verbal communications play in shaping professional perspectives.
Understanding Security in the IoT Ecosystem
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". The dramatic and rapid growth in the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) creates mounting cybersecurity concerns. The skills and knowledge needed to manage those concerns will only grow in demand. This Immersive course provides a broad overview of IoT. Learners will be presented with the challenges involved in defining the IoT landscape and how that influences cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the complex, distributed, and often unmanaged IoT ecosystem. The course surveys existing bodies of work in IoT security in order to better understand issues like data privacy and safety. Learners will leave with a clearer picture of the overall state of the IoT industry in terms of approaches to cybersecurity governance.
Leveraging the Intelligence Cycle
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". The Intelligence Cycle is the primary process intelligence analysts use when creating intelligence. In this Express Learning course, cybersecurity professionals compare the various intelligence disciplines and learn to leverage the Intelligence Cycle to outline the when, why, and how of cyber events. At the end of this course, you will take on the role of a cyber intelligence analyst and learn to create a cyber intelligence product.
Navigating Cyber Insurance
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Having an insurance policy that is expressly dedicated to covering cyber-related incidents is critical, but unfortunately, not all cyber-insurance policies are created equal. In this Express Learning course, participants navigate the ins and outs of cyber insurance and examine real-world examples to fully understand the scope of what the cyber-insurance policy covers, should an incident take place.
Securing Containers at the Speed of DevOps
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". Containers allow for the creation of fast, repeatable, and secure deployment cycles for applications, making them an excellent fit for DevOps. This Express Learning course offers learners an overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services. Learn to describe containers and its main characteristics, then it delves into the most prominent security threats and countermeasures, and finally describing how to use automation and orchestration to do deploy containers in an automated and secure manner. 
Introduction to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
*Free for (ISC)² Members/Associates by logging in above and clicking "My Courses". As an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is responsible for measurement science, standards, and technology in a way that promotes safety and collaboration for industry and government alike. NIST has a significant influence on worldwide standards and provides a framework cybersecurity professionals can use to analyze and strengthen their ability to identify, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks. In this Express Learning course, explore the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) as you learn to apply it to your organization, large and small, using a matrix that incorporates all of the popular technical standards.